Thursday, March 12, 2009

we've hit the sunshine

I blog to you tonight from the cozy little computer corner of my grandparent's winter villa (I call it vacation villa, they may call it home for the cold months). We arrived in Okeechobee yesterday after a day of traveling. The kids did awesome, we had a bit of good fortune, and we were greeted with sunshine and beautiful skies. (It made me miss AZ winters - wow, did I take those for granted!)

We boarded the plane yesterday and made it here 30 minutes early. Praise the Lord! Less time on the plane with 2 kiddos 3 and under! Hudson is a seasoned traveler. I couldn't sleep the other night and I was counting his plane flights in his lifetime...his all of 3 1/2 year old lifetime. I calculated that he has taken close to 30 flights - not roundtrips, but flights. Give or take a few. Anna's had about 10. And that's why Hudson's a pro! He knows what to do approaching security checkpoints, how to hand them his ticket and how to follow Mommy's rule of wiping all seat and tray surfaces with anti-bacterial wipes upon entering our seats on the plane.

What do I take for the kids on the plane to entertain them? Glad you asked - actually, I have been asked before: (side note: each of the kids has their own travel preschool sized backpack)

- plane presents (wrapped small gifts like books, art stuff, new DVD, candy, coloring book)
- portable DVD player
- listening BINGO with earphones
- books, books, and books
- Color Wonder markers and coloring book
- playdough in a small container
- crayons and a drawing pad
- pipe cleaners (fun for making neat sculptures)
- Wikki stix
- toy airplanes
- lunch box (pbj sandwiches, sliced apples, small pickles, cheese cubes, baby carrots)
- empty cup with straw
- going up and coming down food: fruit snacks, lollipops, yogurt raisins, baked Cheetos, smarties
- and other stuff I can't think of at the moment

We got in early to the airport, but our luck had run out (oh, after Anna and I got a whole row to ourselves, as did Mom and Hudson). The rental car company was swamped anddidn't have the car ready until nearly an hour after we got there. The Big E (grandmom's nickname amongst family) was able to broker a free tank of gas and two free hours of rental for her trouble of waiting. Nicely done, I must say. We uneventlfully made it to Okeechobee and have been ahving fun since.

Today we had fun out on Grandaddy's boat. My grandparents live on a canal off of Lake Okeechobee and we were able to spend part of the morning and the afternoon trolling the local waters. Hudson and Anna both had a blast driving with Grandaddy. Anna liked when we went fast and her curls flew all over. Mommy liked being in the sunshine. Grandmom loved watching Hud and Banana. Here's some fun pics from Grandmom's phone camera.

Signing off until posting in Orlando (going there tomorrow) or home...peace, love and grace.


Truly Blessed said...

Looks fabulous! How I could enjoy some beautiful warm sunshine right about now.


Flamingo Mama said...

i'm so glad to hear that you are enjoying sun and made it safetly!

thanks for the entertainment ideas....i was excited to note that i have almost all of those things packed! except for the pipecleaners...that's an interesting idea. i'm taking a pack of tiny post it notes, for some reason those can entertain for hours. oh and a travel magna doodle.

i so hope all of this stuff entertains for 18 hours!!

Barb Norton said...

My parents will be traveling around the Okeechobee soon. Their boat is in Ft. Myer now. They are headed through the canal, around the big O, then on to Ft. Pierce.

Glad you are having a good time. Dana's gonna fatten up your hubby... I think he had enchiladas tonight :)