Monday, March 30, 2009

2 Urgent News Bulletins one isn't that urgent, but one is! First to the urgent one....
The Rockstar Nurse and the Flamingo Mama got their baby girl! :) They met Yao-Yao today and were able to take her "home" to the hotel and begin their new journey of getting to know her and grow in love for her. Praise God for them listening to His gentle voice calling them into adoption...this beautiful baby girl will grow up in a home that speaks and praises the name of Jesus...what a gift to her!
Check out their latest here:

Second news bulletin -

Anna pee-peed and pooped on the potty tonight! Ok, so I won't get to excited, but wow - are we excited!!!! Chris, Hudson, and I all had a potty parade and did a dance for her - she was excited she got to sit on the potty, we were excited that she actually did it. Hudson said, "Mommy, now Anna can use the potty like me!" He was so precious!
Now, for all you developmentalists out there that are freakin' at this moment in time because it is too early to potty train, let me just tell you that I didn't force her to do it. In fact, she's been interested in the potty, watching everyone pee, toilet paper, the flushing and all other throne activities for about 2 months. She will even "hold" her buns at times and say "pee pee. pee pee". I don't think she gets it totally, but maybe more than I thought! She stood up in the bathtub tonight, gave me a very concentrated look and watched herself begin to pee. She stopped, looked at me and I said, "Let's go potty!" She smiled and I sat her on the toilet with the potty seat. I figured she was done, but it was a good learning experience. I signed and asked her, "are you all done?" She shook her head no, so I left her there. 10 seconds later....
She surprised me again. She concentrated really hard and tinkled...and when I gave her a big praise and she heard the "tinkle" sound she got a really big grin. Once again, I thought she was done so I called Daddy. I repeated the "all done" and she shook her head no again. He rounded the corner, and as he did, she concentrated really hard and I heard "plops" (Sorry that was graphic for some of you.). Wow, now that deserves a potty parade! She was so proud of herself! And we are too!


Flamingo Mama said...

wow! that's awesome!! anna pottied! take her over to lil'Rocker's house:)

i have a friend that her little boy potty trained before age 2 because he had older siblings, so you never know...this may be the beginning of something sweet:)

Marion said...

I agree. Keep trying and encouraging! Congrats Anna!