Monday, July 21, 2008

Step Surfing

Apparently, Anna has decided to take up a new hobby. Step surfing (read: knocked over the baby gate and flew down the steps - much to our horror). Not really the best hobby for a ten month old, but she apparently decided to embark on this new interest this morning at around 9 am. We heard the clatter and are not sure exactly how she managed it. Hudson was down the stairs earlier and when one of us closed off the gate again, we must not have secured it as tightly as it needed to be - no one's fault, just something we will be more careful of now. When I came running, Anna was at the bottom of the steps on the carpeted landing with the gate on top of her legs. In a flash, she was picked up (which looking back I probably should've assessed her first, but that wasn't my first instinct) and rushed upstairs to be looked at. She cried, not hysterically, but out of fear, I believe. Chris called the Pediatrician and they had me bring her in right away. They looked at her and, by the grace of God, nothing is wrong with her accept a bruise on her leg, and two brush burn/bruises on her head. She has a bandage on the larger one now after cleaning it at the doc - I'll post a picture in a bit. After thinking about how she landed, the injuries, and the noise, I literally think she surfed down the steps. I think she pushed the gate, went sledding on it, and flipped at the bottom onto her back. We are to continue to watch her the rest of the day, but are thankful for the fewest amount of injuries that she has endured. Praise God. Many prayers of thankfulness are being said over and over.


Billie said...

wow! such a talented child!

my kids are not so graceful...they have all pretty much just dropped and plopped down a few sets themselves.

yea, i really won't be getting mother of the year anytime soon:)

Trace said...

Praise God for such few injuries with all considering. On another note, she might be a good snowboarder and is getting some practice in now. Thatta girl!