Monday, July 14, 2008

Beach Babies

Our trip to North Myrtle Beach was relaxing and full of lots of laughs. One that definitely needs highlighted is Mona Jean's (Grandmom :) blunder on the way down in the car. Yes, we drove, all 9 hours in a minivan with 2 babies and 4 adults; plus all beach gear and luggage. Grandmom asked the front seat, "Can Hudson watch a DVD?" I turned and said, "I guess he knows about it now" as Hudson is chattering, "Movie, Movie, Movie!" She responded, "Sorry, I guess I should've spelled DVD." Here's your sign mom! :) HA! She insists that she did that on purpose, but the rest of the riders agree it was the Southern Belle shining through. Here are a few pictures of of our wondrous vacation.

We celebrated our 8th anniversary while on vacation - built in babysitters, so we actually had a wonderful night out on the town.
Chris and Hudson in front of the BTTF Delorean at Barefoot Landing. This made Chris' vacation complete!
Arg! That's one bad pirate!

Mmmmm....that sand is yummy! Anna thought it was a treat to eat sand.

Diggin' holes to bury Hudson in the sand. He thought this was a great game!

nuff said...
Anna and cousin Will - she loved being in someone's arms - there were a lot of those around this week, I think she got a bit spoiled.


Marion said...

Thanks for the pics. I love the one of Anna and Will together! Precious.

John said...

Nice DVD story about your Mom. Typical Mona.

Hey, quick question. Warwick just hired an Elizabeth Smith as a part-time kindergarten teacher. Would that be you? If so congrats and Welcome.

John Kosydar

Trace said...

1) love the blunder
2) love the hair doooooo -- tis look'n good on ya
3) totally looked like an amazing time!
lots of luv!

Emily said...

Hey! How do you spell DVD? haha! too funny! I love your hair in the first picture! looks great!

Anonymous said...

Mona Jean says, It WAS SAID ON PURPOSE!!!! My children never cease to expand on the REAL truth! I just wish their dad was here to help defend me!