Saturday, May 4, 2013

8 year old monkey


When I grow up I want to be:  a pilot.  (That’s been his answer since the boy could speak.)  AND I want to be a professional Lego builder.


My favorite foods are:  pasta, Chinese food, shrimp, spinach  (and his motto is:  “I’ll eat it!”)


My favorite subject in school isrecess, reading and science experiments


My favorite things to do with my sister Anna are:  birdie nests, adventure clubs, science explorer club and playing Duplo Legos


My favorite things to do with my sister Hadleigh are:  peek-a-boo, “Look at the beebah!”, and make her laugh


You still love art projects, cooking, being creative and you are a voracious reader.  You love fiction and non-fiction and I call you our 8 year old encyclopedia.  You read it, you remember it.  It’s amazing.


You are an FABULOUS big brother to two little sisters.  You live for making them laugh and Anna is your best friend (most of the time).  You love to play outside with them and sledding with Hadleigh was a highlight of your winter.


You are trying your “hand” at baseball this spring and enjoying the opportunity; even though at first you were very nervous.  You are hard on yourself when you feel as if you don’t do as well as you want, and we are working through those feelings together.


You are still a cuddler (God, please let him love to do this for a looonnnggg time).  We love your kisses, hugs and the way you hold our hands when we least expect it.

You finally got your 2 front teeth this year – in January – and you like to show them off.  You’ve had to relearn how to eat sandwiches and other items; how different you look with those teeth in the front – you look so big!


What we love most about you is your heart that is sensitive to the Lord.  You love reading your Bible in the morning (on your own accord) and ask phenomenal questions.  You have a heart that is passionate for helping hurting people and your prayers are genuine. 

We are excited to see the man that God is shaping you to be.  We love  you Bubba.

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Uncle B said...

Love everything about this post - except that I'm typing it from 1,500 miles away ...