Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Eight Months of you…

Eight months of delightful you…what a gift.IMG_2484
And when I say delightful, you are truly a delight.  You are one of the most contented babies on the face of the earth and readily brighten the day of anyone that comes across your path.  You are adored by your brother and sister…and pretty much everyone else that knows you.IMAG0472
Strangers stop me in my tracks to tell me how beautiful you are. (You are continuing the tradition that your brother and sister began when they were “yittles” too.)  You smile for the camera – or a phone – it is quite hilarious….and you’ve developed a cute little giggle.  You enjoy being tickled and like to play peek-a-boo – you’ve even learned to pull the blanket off your head and squeal with anticipation.IMG_4108
This month you took 2 plane trips: one to Florida to see Grandmother, and one to Texas to see Uncle Bryan.  He spoiled you and you got soooo many kisses and cuddles.  (Even more because you didn’t feel well and we had to make our first visit to the ER with you…fever and a viral rash…turned into a double ear infection.)  But even then you were delightful and happy.
You got your first teeth this month – 2 cute little niblets on the bottom – and you love drinking anything from a straw.  You enjoy little bites of pancakes at times and get excited when mama gives you small chunks of mango, avocado and banana.
You do an adorable "HAPPY DANCE" when you are excited or are listening to music.  You sway from side to side; in a little movement at first, gradually getting larger and larger - like a pendulum.
8 months has flown by and I am trying my best to drink in every cuddle, every open mouthed kiss and every dreamy head.  We love you Hadleigh.


Bekah said...

Sheesh 8 months already! I need to smoosh her cheeks.

Chris said...

Yes Please Ms. Bekah! :0)