Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weeks 23-26

Baby news? Growing well. Breech at the moment. Likes to sit really low. Is super active right at 10 pm – like clockwork!

Mama news? People now stare at my belly before they look at my face. No special cravings….although, I do enjoy a good, hearty hamburger with lots of veggies – and that is not something this “could-almost-be-a-vegetarian-if-it-weren’t-for-bacon-and-seafood” lady hardly ever says!  Oh, and my belly button is way out.  Seriously.

Family news?  Daddy and I were able to whittle our name list down to 3 boy/3 girl names –and when we picked out two boy names to run by the kids, wouldn’t ya know, they each voted for the opposite.  Can’t make it easy, huh?

Week 23 is brought to you by this….

had a little trip to the baby hospital to be monitored and get lots (I mean LOTS) of fluids and some drugs – compliments of a nasty stomach virus that hit Anna and I simultaneously.  (And then Daddy 48 hours later from taking care of us both.)  My pregnant body couldn’t keep up with the deficit and I needed medical assistance to help slow down the “losses”.  One bonus, we got to listen to the baby all night long and see 2 different ultrasounds!

I do have this cute self-portrait pic of the kids and I from a few days before…DSCF0091

Week 24 brought rejuvenated energy and many thanks to God for healthy bodies!  (We were having fun modeling in the mirrors at GAP)week 24.5IMG_0666

Week 25 – Easter weekendweek 25

Week 26 – after a bike on the rail trailweek 26

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