Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hudson throws first pitch!

Hudson got to throw the first pitch at the Barnstormer’s game thisDSC04842 evening.  Grandmom is one of the head-honchos at a Dr.’s office that sponsors the team, and when they asked her if she knew someone that would like to throw the first pitch, she said, “My grandson, of course!”  So we travelled the distance to meet her and watch Hudson’s historic “first” pitch in a big stadium.

I asked him why he threw it underhand, and he responded,

“I have better aim underhand, Mommy.”

Good reasoning, right?  Being on the field was pretty cool, and here are a few pictures to round out the evening.DSC04845DSC04848DSC04849A big congrats from Cylo for a great first pitch!IMAG0373  Aunt Dana, Katelyn and Baby Josh met us for the evening too!



Anonymous said...

So much fun and one of the great blessings of having all of you close.

Anonymous said...

I heard the Phillies has some scouts there! Be looking for a phone call. Good job Hudson!


Tracy Watanabe said...

That totally rocks! Way to go Hugs!