Saturday, December 11, 2010


here’s your first hint what we did on our family friday night:IMG_3134

Did you guess?  Here’s your next clue:


And if you live in America, and you have been out shopping, you are certainly aware of what we had fun doing with my Mom to Mom group on Friday night.  All families were invited to spread some holiday CHRISTMAS (because we say Merry Christmas!) cheer to all of the shoppers coming in and out of the mall to raise support for the Salvation Army.  We had a blast!

All of the kids (and big ones, too) sang their hearts out, belting carols and singing of Christ’s birth letting not the cold weather bother us a bit.  (The occasional snowman and reindeer song may have crept into the mix as well!)  The singing was actually quite delightful and I tried to capture it on the camera, but this video is hilarious – not for the singing, but for the zeal of bell ringing, you can barely tell there are voices being raised in harmonious chorus!

ring ‘em loud–ring ‘em clear! Jesus’ birthday is here!

IMG_3131Ms. Dana made sure we had hot chocolate to warm up our insides and the kids kept themselves entertained with intermittent games of tag/chase/bell ringing.  The hour flew by…and nary a shopper passed by without the well wishing of a “Merry Christmas!”



Flamingo said...

awesome idea to go with so many people! i'm nervous to take my kids alone because i KNOW one will have to pee the minute we start ringing. so i'd probably be the 1st bell ringer to have a kids pee in the

perhaps i will rope the Rockstar Nurse in next year.

dana said...

i had so much fun!!! I would love to do it again, but maybe in July....Christmas in July!

Tracy Watanabe said...

Totally awesome -- totally Cold -- totally fun! Wished I could have seen their responses! PS @Flamingo -- I don't know you but your comment is flippin' hilarious!