Wednesday, July 7, 2010

10 years…and growing in love

Happy 10th Anniversary to my knight in shining armor…and my best friend.


11.31.97:  Our first date – MWS and Amy Grant Christmas Concert in Philly.


1.2000: Our engagement photo shoot on grounds at Messiah College right after a snowstorm.


7.7.00: Chris surprised me by playing and singing MWS’ The Other Side of Me at our wedding ceremony.


After our honeymoon in St. Thomas, USVI, we moved to Arizona.


4.2001: Our first Easter.


3.2002: Just us in Disneyland.

myrtle beach 2003

8.2003: Myrtle Beach, SC.

    chris and beth on eye

7.2004: In London on a missions trip with Global Outreach.

with dr lepetich  

5.3.2005: our first family “photo”….Arizona.


8.2006: Dana & Brad’s wedding….Lancaster, PA.


6.2007: Family shot at Disneyland (when we were West Coasters ;) ….Anna in utero…


9.15.2007: Our first family “photo” of four…Arizona.

Moved East near Christmas 2007.


7.2008: eight years in NYC.


10.2009: Back to visit our AZ hometown and eat at our fave Mexican restaraunt.

IMG_7689 IMG_7682

7.2010: TEN YEARS – and growing in love everyday….VA Beach on our anniversary getaway.

The inscription on our wedding bands reads:

CJS to ERE   Song of Songs 3:4

“Scarcely had I passed them when I found him whom my soul loves. I held him, and would not let him go……”

Privileged to still be holding tight.


Angie said...

awe....sniff, sniff. love you guys! happy anniversary!

Emily said...

Happy Anniversary! You guys don't look a day older than that first date photo! :) well, maybe a little bit older ;)

Tracy said...

Happy anny!