Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Macro Hero

Ahh - look at this dapper fellow - isn't he a sight for sore eyes? :o) No really, this is my Macro hero - this is Snowflake Bentley (Wilson Bentley). I don't know which way to go first - macro or Snowflake - I'll start with the old timer up there. Snowflake Bentley was the first man to photograph snowflakes. He began his obsession at an early age and at the age of 17, his parents chose to spend their savings to purchase him a microscope camera. This camera enabled him to "catch" samples of fresh snow and then photograph them.
Not only was he the first to photograph these crystal beauties, after nearly 5,000 still captures, he was the first one to announce to the world that no two snowflakes are, that's why this man is amazing - people thought he was nuts for taking pictures of snowflakes, but now his work has been immortalized in a truth that we are taught from a young age (at least those of us who are blessed to grow up knowing what snow is!).

My recent reminder of this genius came from one of Hudson and Anna's countdown books - Snowflake Bentley. It was a book I had while teaching and has found it's way onto our bookshelves (because books are meant to be loved on!). I've been pondering and thinking about how much I really enjoy Macro Photography. Really - I like it. I don't have my own Macro lens (someday!), but regardless of the lack of equipment, I have always tried to capture photographs at close range. I'm pretty sure that this goes back to my first camera when I was 6 or 7. I have some up close pictures of fascinating colors and shapes - out of focus because the point and shoot wasn't meant to do that, but that's where this love began. My dad was a great photographer - my mom has given me his old SLR - it's about 35 years old and in great working order - and I grew up with him teaching me how to compose, shoot and look for interesting shots. It's a hobby for sure, but it's something I enjoy. So, here's a few of my "macro" shots from this past year. I've had fun...enjoy.


deAnn Alyse said...

Beth - very cool~! Aaron K. just told me about this guy, Mr. Macro. He has the book at home and I'd love to get a copy of it myself. I love macro photography too but only have the close up lens kit, which is pretty cool, but not true MACRO. Those lens are really expensive! One day... I got a snowflake shot I'm pretty happy with. I took it the one friday we had the fluffy snow! I'll have to send it to you. :0) I can't wait to go on a photo field trip with ya! ~ deAnn

FrogMama said...

Those shots are so cool! What a great hobby:)